A comparative analysis of Micro800 controllers with other PLCs
A comparative analysis of Micro800 controllers with other PLCs

A comparative analysis of Micro800 controllers with other PLCs

Compact programmable logic controllers (PLCs), or Micro800 series controllers from Allen

-Bradley/Rockwell Automation, are made for small to medium-sized applications. When comparing them to other PLCs, a number of criteria need to be taken into account, including cost, communication choices, programming capabilities, scalability, and performance. Let’s compare Micro800 controllers to other PLCs, taking in mind that different brands may have different features for certain models and series.


  • Rockwell Automation Micro800 controllers are typically suited for smaller applications with limited I/O points and simpler control requirements. If high performance and complex automation tasks are required, larger PLCs from other manufacturers might be more appropriate.
  • Micro800 controllers are designed for smaller applications with relatively simple control requirements. They have moderate processing speeds suitable for their target applications. In comparison, larger and more powerful PLCs from other manufacturers may offer faster processing speeds, making them better suited for complex automation tasks.
  • The scan time of a PLC is the time it takes to complete one cycle of scanning inputs, executing the program, and updating outputs. Micro800 controllers typically have relatively short scan times, suitable for small to medium-sized applications. High-end PLCs from other manufacturers may provide faster scan times, making them suitable for applications with stringent timing requirements.


  • Micro800 controllers offer a range of models with different I/O capacities, but their scalability might be limited compared to larger PLCs. Some PLCs from other manufacturers provide more extensive scalability options to accommodate growing automation needs.
  • PLCs from other manufacturers often provide a broader range of scalability options. This can include modular PLC systems with hot-swappable modules, high-capacity CPUs, and support for a larger number of I/O points. Some PLC series are designed to seamlessly scale from small applications to large, complex systems.
  • The modularity of a PLC system contributes significantly to scalability. PLCs with modular architectures allow users to add or remove modules without disrupting the entire system. Some PLCs from various manufacturers offer hot-swappable modules, making it easier to expand the system without downtime.

3.Programming Environment:

  • Micro800 controllers use the Connected Components Workbench (CCW) software for programming. This software is user-friendly and suitable for small to medium-sized applications. Other PLCs may use proprietary or third-party software with varying degrees of complexity and features.
  • The graphical interface of the programming environment plays a crucial role in user experience. Micro800 controllers’ CCW features a graphical interface that simplifies the programming process with drag-and-drop functionality. Similarly, other PLCs often provide intuitive interfaces with graphical representations of ladder logic, function blocks, or other programming elements.

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4.Communication Protocols:

  • Micro800 controllers support standard communication protocols such as Modbus, EtherNet/IP, and Serial communication. PLCs from other manufacturers may support a broader range of communication protocols, enabling integration with diverse field devices and equipment.
  • Micro800 controllers often support Modbus, a standard communication protocol widely used in industrial applications. Modbus facilitates communication with a variety of devices, including sensors, actuators, and other PLCs that support the Modbus protocol.

5.Built-in Features:

  • Micro800 controllers often have built-in features like Ethernet ports, analog I/O, and expandable memory. The availability and extent of built-in features can vary among different PLCs, so it’s essential to compare specifications.


  • Micro800 controllers are generally more cost-effective for small to medium-sized applications. However, the total cost of ownership should also consider factors like software licenses, expansion modules, and support. Other PLCs may have different pricing structures, and the overall cost may vary depending on the application’s complexity.

7.Support and Documentation:

  • Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation is known for its extensive support and documentation. However, the availability of local support, training materials, and documentation can vary between manufacturers. Consider the accessibility and quality of support services for the PLCs under consideration.
  • Rockwell Automation offers training programs and courses for users of Micro800 controllers. These training opportunities can help users gain proficiency in programming, configuration, and troubleshooting.
  • Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation provides extensive online resources, including user manuals, datasheets, application notes, and knowledge base articles. Users can access these materials for self-help and troubleshooting purposes.

8.Market Presence:

The decision between Micro800 controllers and other PLCs is based on your application’s particular requirements, your financial situation, and the performance and scalability you want. Make an informed choice based on the requirements of your project by carefully weighing the features, programming environment, connectivity choices, and support services provided by various PLC manufacturers.

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