custom HANDLE boxes

How To Get Irresistible Custom Handle Boxes

Today brands leave no stone unturned to grab the attention of the customers. In this way from the maintenance of product quality to getting the unique style of packaging each and every tactic is used. When it comes to packaging, one of the unique styles is custom handle boxes. 

There is no limitation on the design of the boxes when you opt for the option of customization. Material and printings are the basic things that are kept catchy but do you have the idea that you can use different types of handles and finishes on the boxes? Ensure proper labeling, stacking, and securing of boxes. Use caution when handling heavy or fragile items to prevent damage during transport

On custom handle boxes, you can use a lot of different and unique handles and finishes that can give irresistible packaging to your product. Whether you have to sell products in the retail market or you need boxes for selling kits, the addition of handles will change your branding game and product value entirely. 

Material: Robust Plus Flexible 

Handle boxes are used for the packaging of versatile products, you can pack your small electronic gadgets to P.R. products in a custom mailer box with handle. You just have to manufacture the boxes with appropriate material considering the nature of your product. 

It is of extreme importance that your packaging material is robust and flexible. Robustness will give your product protection and flexibility will allow you to mold the material in any shape. 

When manufacturing the boxes, you can use corrugated material that has flutes, cardboard material that has several varieties, and rigid material that has a woody nature and is the most premium raw material used in the manufacturing of custom boxes with handles. 

Printing: Elegant Plus Effective 

To print the boxes, do not overwhelm the packaging look with intricate designs and complex typography. Printing, if used in a professional manner, will give your boxes an elegant and effective look. You certainly want to entice the customers and earn sales right? 

To meet your desired results you have to give your full attention to the selection of the printing process and the designing of the boxes. Offset, digital, and screen all types of prints are workable. 

Pro-tip to designing the boxes is to not put too much on the handle box. Just printing the name and your brand logo will give you the finest and most elegant boxes. But sometimes, we must have to use some pictorial representation like animation to engage the customers like children. 

Style: Unique But Workable 

Technology and access to information have made humans more creative. Now they can style the boxes in multiple shapes. One thing that is pertinent to mention here is that do not select a box with complicated openings. Keep the box style simple but unique to get the intended benefits. 

Say you need packaging boxes for your sales department, so here you can select the boxes with a briefcase, or if you are sending P.R. packages then you can use flip boxes wholesale. This will not only give a professional look to the packaging but will also give you something convenient. 

Finishings: For A Subtle Look 

Finishings give boxes a premium appearance and add to the value of the product. As we know most custom boxes are made with paper-based material that is not moisture-resistant but the chances are that your product may encounter moisture and can get damaged. 

To prevent this, you can use finishings on the boxes. These finishes will enhance the tear and moisture resistance of the packaging material and hence prevent the tearing of your custom handle boxes. You can select finishings from a huge variety such as: 

  • Matt finish 
  • Gloss finish 
  • Silkscreen 
  • Varnishes 
  • Aqueous UV 

There is a slight difference between lamination and varnishes which is that laminations are not sustainable but the varnishes are. So choose your options considering the preferences of your company. 

Handles: Select Versatile Options

You can make your handlebars irresistible by choosing unique types of handles for your boxes. Many brands remain confined to the use of fabric or paper-based handles for their custom boxes with handles, but there are unlimited choices at your disposal. The following type of material you can use for handles: 

  • Fabric
  • Paper
  • Leather
  • Nylon 
  • Plastic 

In addition to this, some brands do not want to add separate handles to their boxes. Such brands can use die-cut boxes in a gabble style to give the look of handles on the boxes. 


Custom handle boxes are the most workable box style due to their handy nature. You can make your product irresistible by investing in this box style. The selection of high-quality materials will give you robust packaging and the adoption of a unique style for the boxes will make it easy for you to show professionalism.