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What are the Best Smartwatches for Men in Pakistan Right Now?

If there is one thing that cannot be denied about wearables, it is that they are just as much fashion accessories as they are tools of convenience. The best smartwatches for men and women nowadays focus just as much on aesthetics as they do on features. It is no wonder then that people buy these products specifically as a piece of fashion.

This aesthetic popularity is not as odd as you might think. Traditional analogue watches are also considered fashion accessories nowadays much more than they are tools with a specific function. This has become even more prominent with the advent of mobile phones that always tell you the time.

So let us discuss some of the best smartwatches for men in Pakistan right now.

What makes a Smartwatch for Men

Before we get onto the list of the best smartwatches for men, it is important to define what exactly it is that makes a smart watch one more focused on men.

As a general rule, as compared to smart watches for women, smartwatches tailored more towards men tend to be larger and/or thicker physically in every way. 

Whether it be just a larger size in general, the inclusion of thicker dials along the outside emulating more rugged watches, you will generally find these watches to be relatively louder compared to women’s watches that tend to be slimmer.

Smart Watches for Children

There is something to be said in this conversation about a smart watch for boys or girls, as these watches often tend to be somewhat similar in aesthetics to the watches tailored towards men, in that they also often feature chunky designs,

While the feature set of watches tend to not change depending on who they are made for, watches for children are purposefully restricted in their functionality. These tend to be limited usually to just simple messages and notifications, but with additional security features so that parents are able to better keep an eye on the safety of their children.

The Best Watches Right Now

Now let’s come to our picks for the best watches for men right now in 2024:

Garmin Instinct

If you came here looking for an android smart watch for men, then you should not be ignoring this watch. While the watch itself does not run on the Android Wear OS, this watch is absolutely compatible with android phones.

The Instinct is one of the more affordable options that Garmin makes. And in terms of looks, it emulates one of the most popular watch brands among men: G-Shock. It has a 45mm very attractive look to it with options of four different vibrant colors, which makes this a very loud watch option.

In terms of features, you will find very few other brands with better fitness tracking than the watches from Garmin. It comes with three core tracking modes which include running, cycling and swimming.

One of its most standout features though comes when you engage in an activity like hiking or climbing. The navigation is something to be marveled at. The watch tracks your courses and is able to not only guide you to your destination, but also navigate you back to your starting point if you so desire.

In terms of smart features, as stated it can run with Android, and even IOS devices if you want it to. It has all the functionality that you might want like getting your phone’s notifications on it, being able to control music and even calendar events. Which means it works mostly fine as an everyday watch.

Mobvoi Ticwatch E3

While this may not look like a cheaper watch on its own, comparing it to some of the flagships that it competes with will tell you that it is one of the best cheap smart watches for men that still do not compromise at all on features or quality.

The display is an interesting emulation of Samsung’s series of galaxy watches, but the bezel is seemingly much larger. The watch gives off the look of a metal watch while still being a polycarbonate frame, which makes it much more durable than your average plastic watch.

The watch is great in terms of fitness tracking, with more than 21 different physical exercises that you can track, which are detected automatically by the watch when you engage in them. In addition to this the watch also gives you periodic notifications to take a break or take a walk if it detects you aren’t doing so.

This watch is also one of the better performers in terms of battery life, you can expect a full two days of battery on regular casual usage, including sleep tracking. Compared to many of the flagships, this is quite impressive.

Closing Thoughts

Although many of these watches can be found in physical stores, you will probably have a better experience in terms of the price buying them from an online store. If you ask us, our recommendation for the best online store for buying any smart product; smartwatch or otherwise has to be They have some of the highest variety in terms of options, and most of their products have ongoing discounts, which means that you will find something that suits you.