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When Is the Best Time to Buy a Wool Long Coat?

The best wool coats offer warmth, durability, and an effortlessly polished look. They also tend to be better insulated than lighter coats, making them ideal for cold winter climates.

Follow Rihanna’s lead and opt for a floor-skimming charcoal wool coat with a simple button-down shirt, jeans, and sneakers for a downtown chic vibe, or give a menswear-inspired blazer a feminine twist with a cashmere sweater, tailored pants, and block heels.

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A wool long coat is a timeless addition to your cold-weather wardrobe. Its durability, classic appeal, and sustainability make it a worthwhile investment for anyone who lives in an area with wintery conditions. A good quality wool coat will last you several years and potentially 10+ if you take good care of it.

In the Fall, wool coats are available in a wide array of styles and colors. Some are woven with traditional menswear fabrics like herringbone or houndstooth, while others feature a vibrant hue that sparks joy (greyish pastels and yellow are popular choices). Fitted car coats and oversized wrap coats remain in style, but with bolder lapels and new fabrications. And for those who want an eco-friendly option, look for coats crafted with recycled wool, which helps divert waste from landfills.

Whether you’re shopping for a classic peacoat or a more formal double-breasted design, there’s no wrong choice. Pair a wool coat with a dress or jeans and boots for a sophisticated, polished look. Or go for a tailored look with pants and a blouse, then add a scarf to elevate the outfit.

A well-made wool coat can be expensive, but it will last for several years if you’re careful with it. If you’re on a budget, consider buying your coat during the mid season or late season sales. By then, most retailers have slashed prices on this year’s designs and are clearing out their inventory for Spring fashions.


Investing in a wool coat that is crafted with high quality fabrics and a timeless silhouette is an investment that should last you for multiple winters. While you can get away with a cheap man-made coat at the fast fashion chains that will look good for a few seasons until they look dated and frayed, a well made wool coat in a classic color that suits your skin tone will have you wearing it year after year until you decide to sell it on Grailed.

While highly technical coats can be pricey, brands like Uniqlo and Quince are able to produce coats with the same warmth at lower prices thanks to their massive scale and direct-to-consumer supply chain, which results in fewer markups. And don’t forget that a hoodie or parka can also offer adequate warmth, just not as much. To keep your coat looking its best, avoid hanging it in a closet with a plastic cover or those flimsy dry cleaner hangers that will cause wrinkles and can damage the fabric. Instead, preferably hang your coat on a non windy day in an area with plenty of natural light and allow it to air out for a few hours. This helps remove odours and refresh the fabric. Also, when washing, avoid using detergents and fabric sprays that contain harsh chemicals that can strip the coat of its protective sheen.


A wool coat is the perfect choice for transitioning from winter to spring. It will keep you warm and comfortable while adding a pop of color to your outfit. You can wear it with a cozy sweater, skinny jeans, and boots for a chic look that will keep you warm all season long.

There are several types of wool coats, including those made from alpaca, angora, and lamb’s wool. Each type of wool has different properties, so you’ll need to find the one that best fits your needs. For example, angora is the softest wool and can be combined with other fabrics to make a warm and durable coat. Lamb’s wool is a good choice for those who want a lightweight coat that feels like cotton but is more durable.

Wool coats come in a variety of lengths, from hip-length to the mid-thigh. The shortest style is called a peacoat and works well with casual outfits. For dressier looks, a mid-thigh coat is a great option and works well with both casual and formal attire. For colder weather, you’ll want to choose a longer wool coat that will help to keep the wind off of your legs.

When shopping for a new wool coat, it’s important to consider the fabric and color options. You’ll also need to think about how the coat will be worn. For example, if you plan to wear your coat for walking at night, look for a jacket that has reflective tape so you’re visible to passing cars.


A good wool coat is a winter wardrobe staple that will last for years. However, if you store it in the wrong way you can make it look worse for wear faster than you might expect. “If you have a quality coat that needs to be stored for the summer,” says Australian Wool Innovation chief executive John Roberts, “it’s important that it is not just stored away in a plastic bag and forgotten about.” Storing your coat properly can prolong its active life by three or more years.

To extend the life of your men’s wool overcoat long, get it dry cleaned at the end of the season, and have any small faults repaired (such as torn pocket linings or belt loops). Charlotte Hicks, fashion director of Esse Studios, also suggests getting it professionally wrapped in a calico suit bag with cedar wood balls to repel moths and silverfish. This will keep the fabric looking as new as possible and will protect it from any residual spills that may cause discoloration over time.

For those who don’t want to spend a fortune on a new coat, Uniqlo and Quince both have highly affordable options that have been thoroughly tested for warmth and quality. The latter even includes a premium finish, like tortoiseshell buttons and outer pockets. To style your coat, layer it over a cosy tee and skinny jeans for a sophisticated yet comfortable outfit.